Monday, 17 October 2011

Stoke City 2 - 0 Fulham

Its been a while since I posted due to home issues and also because of work/starting university but I am now hoping to get back and post a few more a week now :)

It has been a while since I posted some information about my team Stoke City FC so I thought I would begin with the result at the weekend, it was a 2-0 win for Stoke over the decent side of Fulham. It was yet another home win which means if I am not mistaken that we have only lost one home game in the whole year at the Britannia Stadium (non-competetive); I was unable to attend the match because I was too busy serving coffee and scooping ice cream for people further down the road at work...

Despite losing away to the likes of Swansea and Sunderland our form this season has been brilliant with us drawing 1-1 with Man United (thats a win result for us!), beating liverpool and holding out for a draw with chelsea (also a win for us). We have also managed to win a few more less noticable games but nevertheless our season couldn't have got off to a much better start. The saturday game was an important victory because it means that we head into our european game on thursday with a winning mentality which is vital when playing against teams such as Dinamo Kiev and Maccabi Tel Aviv, it also means that we maintain our good league form and I am hoping that would could possibly be within the top 8 by the new year. Our last 3 seasons have been a matter of survival and Tony Pulis has been adamant that we reach the 40 point milestone in order to survive. However I now believe that we need to aim higher than that and by being in the top 8, it will help greatly to maintaining our place in the top half of the division.

We had Jonathon Walters score a goal for us against Fulham which is good news as you always need your forwards to be scoring when called upon, it is also brilliant that super Jon is keeping up his quality and ever increasing his popularity with our fans. Another goal which I think is vital is Rory Delap, he scored the second and I am delighted that he has finally been rewarded for his hard work and effort. Many people underestimate Rory and unfairly label him as a donkey used just for his throw, slow, poor ball distribution etc. However when played in his correct position he proved on saturday that he can pass the ball, help the flow of the game, put in important tackles when needed, is back to help when needed and also forward when attacking as an extra option. At his age of 35 for a central midfielder, Delap is old, but as the statistics show he was one of the players on the pitch that covvered the most ground in the entirity of the game. Another player I adore is Wilkinson but that is a whole other story altogether :P

Last week I placed two bets of six on several football teams to win, however the only team that actually pulled through out of the 12 I bet on was Stoke... I will bet on Stoke to win the majority of the time but I would like people to help me choose teams that you think will win. Even if you don't know who they are playing, if you comment below I will select that team to win in my next bet. It is mainly luck anyway :P

Thanks for reading

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